Alliance Bernstein

AB is a leading global investment-management and research firm. We bring together a wide range of insights, expertise and innovations to advance the interests of our clients around the world. -Alliance Bernstein


On my team, serving enterprise and corporate technology, our statement of purpose is Empowering AB's people with best in-class technology products and services. Making the work environment as efficient and intuitive as possible.

Where I Influence AB

Going Paperless

Paperless Initiative - Going Digital

A major component of AB's overall digital strategy, the paperless initiative was concieved to help employees adapt to the new digital first environment. My role included leading the research, design, project management, development and ongoing marketing of a new internal app for AB Paperless.

Elevating the Internal Brand

I work with stakeholders from across marketing, technology, operations and other businesses to surface work and create new tools that elevate the brand. I Integrated metrics from Salesforce Pardot and Eventbrite for our communications and events providing new user metrics from ongoing improvement as well as better executive oversight. I also coordinate regularly with design and development teams to produce new digital learning materials and sites.



Implementing Atomic Design Systems

A major component of my role is working with design and product teams across AB to take an content inventory for all our internal and external facing applications, working to systemize the UI systems and then build out a living and reusable library for teams across the firm to pull from. Once complete, this system will allow for engineers, prodcut teams, and AB's businesses conducting design sprint to swiftly and seamlessly produce production quality digital assets to vet out buisness hypothesis, bringing new revenue and productivty enhancing digtial products to market faster.